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The Abnormal

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Who am I

Producer, singer-songwriter since 2007, born a New Yorker from the Bronx is flooding eardrums with dope music from his first album, Sculptures of a Sin, that remastered in 2017.  The military veteran turned musician noticed he had a keen ear for music which then became a passion.  This King of a writer has recently completed his second album - his armor, no more than an ink pen and a studio to create such a powerful force of music. Koblack’s singles are always hits that will someday become timeless that only immortals will enjoy forever.  So take this ride into a new dimension of rap music.  Follow into his forbidden zone where music is never forgotten.

New Music


"I love Sosua" single is a workmanship that was written with the Dominican Republic in mind. The catchy beat quickly mesmerized Dominicans into its music tones of Forbidden Records and Entertainment.  "I love Sosua" single on the Demi God Album is now available on most streaming sites.  But don't stop there, listen to Koblack’s previous music as well.

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